Change of use of land to equestrian and erection of stable building in Wiltshire

Planning Services/ Project Objective:

Full planning permission for change of use of land and erection of building


Mere, Wiltshire

Local Planning Authority (LPA):

Wiltshire Council

Duration of Application/ Timeframe for Approval:

8 weeks

Submission Requirements:

Planning Statement
Full plans (Whiteacre)

Overview of Development Project

The applicant moved to Mere in 2022. Early that year he attended a farm auction intending to bid on some machinery. He came away with a number of donkeys including one who was pregnant.
Having found himself suddenly responsible for 4 donkeys, he quickly purchased some land and set about creating a home for his new charges: Stan, Gemima, Doris and Lucy. He fenced off a number of paddocks and we prepared an application for a building to provide storage and stabling when necessary.

The key considerations for applications for the erection of new agricultural or equestrian buildings are:
• Justification – need for building set out clearly in relation to proposed use
• Scale appropriate to size of holding or parcel of land
• Design and materials
• Location to minimise landscape impact

Stable building and change of use for donkey sanctuary in Mere
Donkeys at Muddy Mule donkey sanctuary in Mere

Permission was granted and the sanctuary is now up and running staffed by the owner and a team of local volunteers. Muddy Mule is a registered charity.

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