Erection of self-build dwelling in Stone Allerton, Axbridge

Planning Services/ Project Objective:

Full planning permission


The Grange, Stone Allerton, Axbridge

Local Planning Authority (LPA):

Somerset Council

Duration of Application/ Timeframe for Approval:

Pre-Application Enquiry followed by 6-8 week statutory application period, though determination took several months

Submission Requirements:

Planning Statement including Heritage Statement
Preliminary Roost Assessment and Phase II Bat Surveys (Quantock Ecology)
Nutrient Neutrality Assessment and Mitigation Strategy (Enviren Ltd)
Full plans (Orme Architecture)

Overview of Development Project

We love a challenge and this site had it all:
• Unsustainable location
• Inside Conservation Area
• Conversion of existing buildings
• Self-build project
Phosphates mitigation

Existing and proposed site plan for development near Axbridge on Somerset levels
Proposed and existing site plans

Following Pre-Application discussions, the Council confirmed that our approach to the site would be supported provided the design were acceptable and any adverse impacts were overcome. We worked closely with Orme Architecture to devise a scheme that was both appropriate to the site and that provided the special accommodation required by the applicant and his family.

Old cowsheds and farmyard in Axbridge approved for self-build project
Cowshed and farmyard1

The proposal included the conversion of an existing cowshed which formed part of the dwelling attached to a very generous 2 storey main house. Extensive landscaping restores the farmyard and traditional orchard.

Existing and proposed site plan for development near Axbridge on Somerset levels

As the site is within the Somerset Levels and Moors Catchment Area and cannot connect to mains drainage, it was necessary to come up with a strategy to mitigate phosphate arisings. A ground-breaking phosphates strategy which uses a willow bed and high performing package treatment plant was devised by Zak Simmonds of Enviren and was agreed by Natural England.

If you are struggling with any of the challenges that this project presented, we can help you overcome them. Call us today to discuss your self-build project: 01963 371180 or email

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