Planning Appraisals – let us do the research before you buy

Would you like to find out the development potential of your new home or commercial property before signing on the dotted line?

Written By
Lydia Dunne
Published On
November 21, 2023

Understanding your property’s development potential

Whether residential or commercial, property is the almost always the most valuable commodity you will own and that makes understanding its potential crucial.

You may dream of extending or have some land that you think may be suitable for housing – but how do you know if your plans are possible?

Most people buy their homes and other property without properly understanding its potential. We think that is a huge gamble.

The best way to understand what development is possible is to commission a Planning Appraisal. This is a piece of research which looks at the planning history of your site; at any special designations; planning considerations; and at relevant national and local planning policy.

A Planning Appraisal can tell you whether you will achieve planning for your new extension or a new house or two or a new business or whatever you are dreaming of.

Planning appraisals are a really sensible and cost effective way to properly understand the planning potential of your site. Appraisals typically cost £400-500.

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Planning drawings for Hillcrest bungalow conversion in Cornwall
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