Prior notification for the change of use and conversion of agricultural buildings to form 5 dwellings in Dorset

Planning Services/ Project Objective:

Prior Approval application under the provisions of Class Q of the General Permitted Development Order


Savage Cat Farm, Gillingham, Dorset

Local Planning Authority (LPA):

Dorset Council

Duration of Application/ Timeframe for Approval:

56 days

Submission Requirements:

Planning Statement
Structural Survey (Croft Surveyors)
Preliminary Roost Assessment (Quantock Ecology)
Full plans (Bartholomew Dulake)

Overview of Development Project

This poultry farm operated a broiler hen enterprise from the site for over 25 years producing over 1,500,000 birds a year. The business operated out of 4 very large purpose-built sheds. Due to increasing environmental and financial pressures, the farm recently ceased production.

We worked closely with Dorset Council through the Pre-Application Process to agree a scheme to redevelop the site. A series of applications followed, the first of which was to confirm that the conversion of parts of 2 of the sheds could be carried out under the provisions of Schedule 2 Part 3 Class Q of the GPDO.

site drawings

We also successfully removed 2 agricultural ties from dwellings at the site. This was a complex case due to the nature of the original permission and the wording of the occupancy condition.

This has been a really interesting and challenging site to work on from a planning perspective. The scheme has been approached in stages and there is more work to be done. The ultimate goal is to create 5 new homes and restore the rest of the site. Given the location of the site within the Gillingham Royal Forest, this will include extensive landscaping and tree planting.

Plans for dwellings at Savage Cat Farm Dorset

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