Planning and Listed Building Consent for Replacement of Missing Historic Dairy in Dorset

A successful application for a significant development involving listed building consent and planning permission.

Written By
Lydia Dunne
Published On
March 27, 2024

We are particularly pleased with this one: planning and listed building consent for the construction of a rear extension to a thatched dwelling in Dorset. The design provides extensive additional living accommodation including, an annexe, guest suite, workshop, office, gym and two swimming pools.

Understanding Listed Building Planning Approach

The planning and design approach to providing new ancillary and incidental accommodation in the grounds of a listed building was to embrace the history of the site, rather than attempting to work at odds with it. Inspection of the historic maps of the site showed that there was once a dairy arranged around a central courtyard.
This was the starting point for the project and the idea proved so compelling that it became clearer and clearer at every stage that this was the right approach. Not only does this scheme provide the accommodation that the clients are after, but there are numerous other benefits which include the following:
• enhancement of the setting of the listed building
• repair and retention of existing historic outbuildings
• replacement of a number of inappropriate windows on the main house
• upgrading of roofing on the main house
• improved landscaping
• removal of detrimental outbuildings
• biodiversity gain

Priorslawn Dairy historic map and new proposed design

A Winning Planning and Design Team Achieves Outstanding Results

The evolution and design of this scheme was very much a team effort. This is a really good example of what can be achieved when specialists from different disciplines work together. The team included Edward Checkley Conservation Architect; Charles Gillespie Architect; Georgie Starkie of Stark Ecology; our clients; and us.

Priorslawn Dairy Design architects impression

Lastly, we would like to thank Dorset Council. Planning is a collaborative process and the Local Planning Authority were both supportive and challenging. Ultimately, this is a scheme we can all be proud of.

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